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Meet the Team at Turner Title

Turner Title is the best company of closers in Florida. But don’t take our word for it – meet the team! Let us introduce you to each of our stupendous, professional, competent, courteous, fun-loving staff members.

Lisa Gudath – President

Lisa is a Florida native raised in Brandon and Tampa. She attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. Lisa began her Real Estate career in Phoenix. She then launched her 20+ year career as an Information Technology Professional. She went on to administer networks in the Hospitality Industry and Educational sector. In 2005 she earned her master’s degree in education.

In 2014, she circled back to both real estate and Florida, where she now calls Treasure Island home. Lisa became a Licensed Title Agent with Turner Title in 2022. Her experience from all sides of the closing table allows her to create a title experience with happy clients and seamless transactions.

Arieal Calhoun – Customer Service Specialist

Arieal Calhoun is a Tampa Bay Native with extensive knowledge of the Tampa Bay real estate market.  Her career in real estate and title is aligned with her core values of providing exemplary customer service. She is committed to ensuring each client is provided with a smooth and complete transaction and is happy to be a part of the team with Turner Title. When not working with clients, Ariel works to advocate for children and families within her community.

Miranda Zaldivar – Escrow Officer/Closer

Miranda is a second-generation Cuban and Puerto Rican American who has made the Tampa Bay area her home for the past 6 years. She is originally from Miami and fell in love with Tampa Bay after attending the University of South Florida. Her fluency in both Spanish and English helps ensure all of our clients are receiving adequate and passionate care in their native language. She is devoted to making the process of buying or selling a home as easy and stress-free as possible.

Fareedah Pretto – Post Closer

Fareedah is an experienced Title Processor/Closer that has been working on a national title level for over 15 years. As a Pinellas County native, it is her passion to serve her community. Specializing in purchases, refinances, foreclosure deeds, and new construction homes, as a processor. She is committed to meeting the needs of each client for her community to thrive. Fareedah’s career has catapulted as her passion for title work has motived her to learn every facet of the business. Currently, she holds a position as Post-Closer with Turner Title. Her outgoing and enthusiastic personality captivates not only her family but her clients also. Fareedah’s commitment to excellence and service ensures that each client is cared for, just as she would her own family – with the utmost care!

Randi Golemme – Account Executive

Randi Golemme has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. She was born on Long Island, New York, and moved to South Florida in 1990 and now calls SE Polk County her home since 2007. Randi is a licensed Florida Realtor and a Certified Salesperson with the National Association of Home Builders. She specialized in new home sales and new construction along with a background in title. She has now joined the Turner Title team as an Account Executive.

Massiel Seijas – Escrow Officer/Closer

Massiel has been serving Tampa’s top real estate agents, lenders, and mortgage brokers since 2012. Born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela, she is fluent in both English and Spanish, and can skillfully close real estate transactions in either language. Massiel is passionate about the Tampa Bay community and regularly participates in local events.

Christy Sexton – Escrow Officer/Closer

Meet one of the newest members of the Dalton Wade team! Christy brings outstanding professionalism and responsiveness to the table, and is an expert in her field!

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to meet the team at Turner Title, check out our website for more information about us, or schedule a call to learn more about the resources we can offer you. Looking for Florida real estate? Check out listings on Dalton Wade Real Estate’s website.

Real Estate Market

Keeping an Eye on the 2023 Housing Market Correction

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you’re probably keeping a close eye on the recent housing marketing correction. We all want to know the answer to this all-important question: What is the Florida real estate market going to do next? We at Turner Title have done a bit of research, and have some good news for both buyers and sellers.  

Good news for buyers:

While real estate prices have been steadily rising over the past two years, prices stabilized between November of 2022 and February of 2023. The good news is that buyers who once felt pressure to snap up a house before home prices skyrocketed further, can finally slow down. 

A year ago, buyers reasoned a home that is affordable today might well be out of reach tomorrow. But as of February of 2023, we can all take a deep breath and continue our home shopping at a more relaxed tempo. With that said, the real estate market (like every other industry) is subject to the law of supply and demand.  Even though home prices are leveling off, Florida is still the fastest-growing state in the country… so if you’ve fallen in love with a specific home, it’s safer not to wait! Other buyers might have their eyes on the same property, and you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to make an offer!

…Now we know what you’re thinking. Wait a minute. You said you had good news for both buyers and sellers. With data like this, what could possibly be good news for sellers? 

Don’t worry sellers, we’ve got you! 

Good news for sellers: 

We’ve all heard the rumors and anxiety-inducing projections of a real estate market downturn, but the data is showing the opposite. In just one year (between July 2021 and July 2022), Florida’s population increased by more than 400,000 people. The Sunshine State’s population is still growing, leading to an increase in housing demands. And even though the data shows that the growth in property values has slowed, it certainly hasn’t stalled!

Florida still has one of the fastest-moving real estate markets in the nation. The health of the real estate market is directly linked to the health of the local economy, and the numbers don’t lie. In December of 2022, Florida’s unemployment rate of 2.5% was a full percent lower than the national 3.5% unemployment rate. Not only that, but the number of available jobs in the Sunshine State also rose by 3% in 2022. Florida’s tourism industry is second to none – making investment real estate a hot commodity as well. 

The good news for sellers is that, while the market may have slowed down a bit, it’s still marching steadily forward. 

In light of everything above, keep in mind that it’s impossible to predict with certainty what the future holds for the real estate market. All we can do is use our best judgment with the knowledge and resources that we have available. (And speaking of resources, keep following us for more insight into the real estate market, as well as tips and tricks for making your closing process easy and effective!)