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What is Farming in Real Estate?

Sure, you’ve heard of farming… It’s that thing that mostly happens in the midwest, and you are vaguely aware that it’s the reason for the potatoes that were on your plate last night. But why in the world would a Florida realtor need to start “cultivating a farm”? 

First off, farming in real estate means something different – though not entirely unrelated. Just like agricultural farming does, real estate farming requires proper planning, nurturing, and time. And the produce? …Clients. The end goal of farming in real estate is to grow your business by cultivating a specific region of your market, whether that be a geographic region, or a demographic region. 

There are a number of considerations that an up-and-coming realtor will want to think about when choosing a new town or neighborhood to farm. Here are just a few that can help your business take off!

Marketing First

Before sending out that first mailer, give careful thought to your branding. Does your content present you in a positive, professional light? Are the fonts and colors you’ve chosen both functional and aesthetic? Remember… real estate is a largely aesthetic market. If your branding material looks sloppy, how will clients trust you with the presentation of their homes? 


If you’re planning to present yourself as the local expert in a specific region’s real estate market, it’s wise to make sure that you are able to dive in to all that the area has to offer. You can avoid embarrassing conversations that show you really don’t know the street names, or have never actually been to that lunch spot that all the locals rave about by choosing to farm areas that are near your physical location and convenient for you to get to at a moment’s notice. Besides, if a buyer calls about seeing a house in your target neighborhood, you wouldn’t want to drive an hour to get there anyway! 


Farming in real estate can be about more than just geography. If you are familiar with the lifestyle needs of a specific type of buyer or seller (such as first-time homebuyers, military, down-sizers, etc.), you can easily make yourself the local expert for clients who fit your target demographic. 


This is where Turner Title comes in. We at Turner Title offer an outstanding tool called the Turner Title Prospector. The Prospector is designed to help you find motivated sellers in specific cities or neighborhoods with powerful geo-targeting precision. Training on how to use the Turner Title Prospector is offered on a regular basis. Email us with questions, or join the Dalton Wade Real Estate team for access to even more outstanding tools that will make you a better real estate agent!