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Zoccam Mockup on Phone

A Game Changer In The Real Estate Industry: Introducing Zoccam

In the fast-paced world of real estate, time is of the essence, and every transaction needs to be secure, transparent, and efficient. That’s where Zoccam comes in. Turner Title is proud to offer this innovative solution to simplify your closing process and enhance the overall experience for buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers.

What is Zoccam?

Zoccam is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way real estate transactions are handled. It eliminates the need for manual delivery, deposit, and document management, reducing risk, transaction time, and increasing security and transparency. The standout feature of this tool is its ability to authenticate the borrower’s identification, adding a crucial layer of trust to every transaction.

Key Features

  • Security at Its Core: Zoccam prioritizes security by not containing or storing any financial information. Unlike wire transfers, it doesn’t reveal sensitive account numbers. Every check is encrypted from capture to delivery, and check images are not stored on your phone. Zoccam employs encrypted handshakes and tokens to ensure checks and data are sent securely.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Your data is safeguarded with the latest encryption technology, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 2048-bit encryption. Zoccam delivers checks using Check 21, and your bank processes the X9 file upon receipt.
  • Simplicity: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual check deliveries. This system simplifies the process: capture the front and back of the check, and send it to Turner Title. All parties involved receive proof of delivery instantly.
  • Safety: Zoccam decreases liability, aligning with ALTA Best Practices (Pillar 3). It also speeds up sales cycles, empowers consumers, enhances transparency, and saves costs.
  • Total Check Encryption: Zoccam ensures complete check encryption, protecting Non-Public Information (NPI). Financial information is not stored, providing an extra layer of security.

The Next Phase in Real Estate Innovation

Real estate agents often waste valuable time and dread the process of delivering escrow checks to the escrow agent or title company. With Zoccam, that’s no longer a concern.

Turner Title is excited to offer this solution to realtors, providing them with the most secure and convenient experience for their transactions.

To recap, Zoccam is a game changer, streamlining processes, enhancing security, and promoting transparency. If you’re looking to simplify your real estate transactions, reduce risk and save time, Zoccam is your answer.

Turner Title specializes in mobile and in-person closing throughout all of Florida.  They are here to make the closing process seamless and worry-free; contact us today to learn more.